Introducing the

2A3 Single-Ended Triode

Tube Amplifier Kit

Legendarium amplifier

The Legendarium is the newest addition to the Analog Ethos family of amplifiers, using classic 2A3 tubes in a single-ended triode (SET) design


EL34 HiFi Tube Amplifier Kit 

The AE1 was the first Analog Ethos kit introduced. It has outstanding performance in a beautiful mid-century modern style.

With extensive instructions, you will not only build a great hifi amplifier, you will also learn how it works.



The AE1-C is an upgraded version of the AE1 Kit. While it shares the same basic circuit, the AE1-C has upgraded tubes, power supply, audiophile grade coupling capacitors, Alps potentiometer and more.

Plus, it's available in this awesome Cape May Beach House color scheme!




EL84 Tube Amplifier Kit

The Exordium is a kit for builders looking for a great sounding single-ended tube amplifier in a compact design and affordable price.