This is a package of all of the resistors and capacitors for the AE1 Kit, except for the 220uF reservoir capacitor, which is listed separately due to its higher cost. If you wanted to re-do any sections of the tube sockets or parts of the power filtering, this package will give you the components you need.

It includes specifically:

  • (2) 1.2K screen resistors
  • (2) 200k feedback resistors
  • (4) 2.7k grid stopper resistors
  • (2) 47k 3W anode load resistors
  • (2) 1M input stage grid leak resistors
  • (2) 220k output stage grid leak resistors
  • (1) 330k bleeder resistor
  • (2) 3.9k power filter resistor
  • (2) 470 ohm 1W driver cathode resistors
  • (2) 470 ohm 5W power cathode resistors
  • 0.22uF Solen coupling capacitors
  • 100uF 25V cathode bypass capacitors
  • 100uF 100V cathode bypass capacitors
  • 56uF 500V filter capacitor
  • (2) 33uF 500V filter capacitors


AE1 Spare Parts Pack