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Buy Me A Coffee

You may notice I've added a small link at the bottom of my website to Buy Me A Coffee.

I'm not the kind of person who likes to ask for something and I'm not struggling to get by and in need of some tips. But I have over the years really enjoyed the positive interactions I've had with a lot of people--many of YOU. The audio community is filled with some really interesting, nice people. And we try to help each other out. I've had email exchanges with people all over the world--people learning things, making things, exploring various audio equipment and music. Sometimes I might sell an amp or a kit, but a lot of times we just trade emails, talk about some things, maybe I don't have a product they need but we just share notes or ideas about some particular subject or I try to answer questions with information I might have. It's fun. And sometimes people are thankful for whatever it is I'm able to offer in sharing my past experience or observations.

A few months ago I came home and found on my porch a package delivered with two beautiful bottles of gin. It was a gift from a really nice guy I got to know. We live in different parts of the world, but he knew I enjoyed a great gin and tonic (as does he!) and he sent me this as a thank you gift for the friendship formed over some conversations about building amplifiers.

Now the amazing thing is that this isn't even the first time someone sent me some gin! It happened a few years ago. And not long ago someone else reached out to buy me a lunch. We were hundreds of miles apart so he couldn't be here, but he looked up some local places and wanted to thank me for making public some of my instruction manuals and explanations about how a tube amp works. Cool! Nice people.

So anyway, I've set up this little Buy Me A Coffee account as a way to accept the generosity of others. It does in fact help me to keep going. I always have more ideas for great products, new content and things I could do, and I hope to bring more in 2024. You will see some soon!

Take care, and THANK YOU!

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jan. 23.

I like the Amp you designed for “Omega Speakers “ and the “Phono Stage” here…Keep Up the GOOD WORK…👍🏽


Hi Perry. It's been a few years since we last chatted. I’m still very much enjoying the amplifier that I built, using your AE1 as a model. It was a fantastic journey! I will always be appreciative of your willingness to help, as well as your openness and transparency. Cheers!

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