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A hifi tube amplifier to remember.

6L6GC Push-Pull, 20W per channel

Now is the time

You are trying to build a really great system. I understand. You hopefully have some amazing speakers, and a perfect source that can supply your music, whether a DAC and streaming service or your vinyl collection on a turntable with preamp. And you want a great tube amplifier to tie it all together. Maybe you have tried a few options already, or maybe you are looking for your first tube amplifier. Maybe you have been waiting for years to do this, and only now are you ready. Whatever your journey, I'm glad you stopped by.

Now I love a single-ended design for classic tube sound. But if you want to feel the music with higher volume, or use some speakers that may be amazing but just not highly efficient, or you want the absolute highest-fidelity sound with minimal harmonic distortion, then a push-pull design like the Requiem is in order.

The Requiem started as a custom build to satisfy a very discerning listener. I liked the design and sound quality so much I wanted to make it available for a broader audience. So with a few tweaks and refinements, I'm ready to present the Requiem amp. Up to 20W per channel gives you a really powerful listening experience, and with extremely low distortion it is high fidelity for the best listening room you are building. For convenience, I included three line-level source inputs. It comes standard with 4 and 8 ohm speaker impedance outputs (16 ohms available on request).

More on the circuit and tubes

The output stage is push-pull design using matched 6L6GC tubes with automatic bias, so no adjustments are ever necessary. Four 6SN7 tubes drive the outputs through two gain stages and phase inverter. ClarityCap audiophile grade capacitors, made in UK, couple the stages for highest quality signal path. Each channel is fully in separate tubes for maximum separation and sound stage, using a parallel triode initial gain stage for low noise and optimal drive of the second stage.


These tube complements are classics with many options for new production or old stock brands you may prefer. I am presently including Tube Amp Doctor red base 6L6GC tubes. It's one of my favorite brands, excellent quality, tested and measured by TAD in Germany. And Tung-Sol 6SN7 driver tubes. (These are both subject to availability and I may use some other brands.)

What sound output should I expect?

Unlike solid-state amplifiers, tube amplifiers are known for having a natural or authentic sound profile--typically from the second or third-order harmonics that results from the normal operation and nonlinearity in how the tube performs its magic to amplify the signal. The Requiem uses a circuit and components designed to provide authentic tube sound but keep total harmonic distortion relatively low even up to higher output power levels with a rated maximum of around 20W per channel. Keep in mind, you rarely will ever need 20 watts unless you have lower-efficiency speakers, or like to listen very loudly! In any case, on the spectrum of sound coloration, this amplifier would be considered more transparent, pure or detailed. (This is in contrast to a classic single-ended triode amplifier, where harmonic distortion would have a greater presence and output power would be more limited.) Frequency response is extremely flat and easily covers the audible spectrum and beyond, so you should expect the highest fidelity sound no matter what genre of music you love and what levels you like to listen! 

You do not need highly efficient speakers for this tube amplifier, so I don't typically provide an SPL recommendation. Obviously the frequency response and quality of your speakers is critical to your expectation for great sound.  

The input sources are line level to work with anything like a DAC, CD player, computer or streaming device, or pre-amp. If you use a turntable, you will need a pre-amplifier with a phono stage. Otherwise, no pre-amplifier is necessary unless you want to use one for other reasons, such as tone controls.

Summarizing, the Requiem is ideal for listeners with:

  • Speakers of any SPL efficiency level

  • Medium or large listening rooms, or desire to have ability to listen at louder levels than a single-ended tube amp

  • Interest in transparent and detailed sound with minimal harmonic distortion

  • May have multiple line-level input sources to switch between

A common question I get about my amplifiers is if one of them is the "best" or "which one is better?" Hopefully the above information helped, but the reason I offer multiple amplifiers is because what's best for you might not be the same as someone else with different objectives for their setup. You may also want to read my page, Help Me Choose. 

Requiem Tube Amplifier
You've been waiting a long time.
Go ahead. You are ready now.



Maximum output power:  20W per channel

Output impedance:  4 and 8 ohm taps standard (16 ohms on request)

THD:  0.1%

Frequency Response:  20Hz - 20 kHz (~1dB)

3 line level inputs with selector

Input sensitivity:  1.4V

Dimensions:  17" wide x 11" deep (not including knob and connectors) x 9" high 

Initially offered in black, but please inquire about other color options if you prefer.

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