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2A3 Single-Ended Triode

HiFi Stereo Amplifier

Analog Ethos 2A3 stereo amplifier

Something Tookish may wake up inside you, and you’ll wish to see and hear things you haven’t before, and feel warmth on your face, and power a filament instead of a microchip. Introducing the Analog Ethos Legendarium, a hand-crafted high fidelity single-ended triode (SET) amplifier using the 2A3 vacuum tube. 3.5 watts per channel.


A classic 2A3 triode

The 2A3 is a directly heated triode and has a long and proven history as a high fidelity audio amplifier tube. You may be wondering what you should know about having a tube amplifier, and in particular a 2A3 single-ended triode (SET) amp. Efficient speakers are ideal for the best sound, though you can certainly use the amplifier with any 8 ohm impedance speakers.


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Performance That Matters

Design and part selection is based on what matters most. The Legendarium uses an SRPP driver stage using two 12AY7 tubes and single-ended 2A3 output without global negative feedback. It is tube rectified to be most authentic to original designs. High quality components that can be trusted to let you hear the songs of elves without asking you to pay with the Arkenstone.

Maximum Power Output:  3.5W

Input Sensitivity:  1.5V

THD at 1W:  0.5%

Output Impedance:  8 ohms

Frequency Response:  20Hz - 20kHz


Crafted by Hand

Each amplifier is assembled and wired by hand in Malvern, PA using point-to-point technique and personalized care by the designer. The chassis and components are custom designed to fit perfectly and look amazing in your listening environment. Every amplifier passes measurement and listening tests before being shipped to you. 

Also available as a DIY Kit.

Available in Ember Red, Nazgul Black, and Forest Wood finishes.

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