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Simple design. Awesome sound. 

Analog Ethos AE1     

Single-Ended EL34 HiFi Tube Amplifier Kit


Build your own point-to-point stereo tube amplifier.
A comprehensive DIY kit for high quality custom tube audio.


You aren't like other people. I get it. You want a tube amplifier because it's special.

The AE1 is a single-ended Class A amplifier using a design that is simple but rooted in a rich history of high fidelity audio. Yeah, it's analog and it's awesome!

The AE1 uses a dual-triode 12AT7 as the driver stage, which is a medium-gain tube. For the power output stage, the EL34 is a classic tube used in many high performance amplifier circuits. It is a pentode tube and this circuit uses an ultralinear design to optimize performance, though could easily be modified to operate in triode mode. Each tube uses cathode bias (self-bias). Plate-to-plate negative feedback is used to control distortion. The power supply uses 2-phase diode rectification and multiple capacitors and a choke as filters, for nearly silent operation without hum. 

The AE1 kit includes an extensive instruction manual with photos, illustrations, and detailed explanations of how to build the kit and how it works. Although you can just build the amplifier and enjoy it, you'll get the most out of it if you read all of the additional explanations of how a tube amplifier works. No other kit will provide you with this level of detailed learning. This is a full point-to-point kit so you wire every component and will understand exactly what is happening and why.


Step-by-Step Build Instructions


Part 1 of the instruction manual is a detailed step-by-step guide to build the amplifier. Every step is described thoroughly. No experience is required other than some basic soldering skills. You do not need to read schematics to build the kit.

Detailed photos and tips for best techniques


Steps include close-up photos from various angles so you can see what the build should look like, including tips for any tricky parts and explanations or reasons for the steps.

Schematic and layout diagrams


The kit includes the full schematic and a detailed layout diagram with component labels and visualization of wiring.

Thorough explanation of how a tube amplifier works


Part 2 of the instruction manual is an extensive explanation of how tube amplification works, how to draw load-lines, and understand concepts such as distortion, feedback, and filtering. You will walk away with a full understanding of how this circuit works.



Speaker impedance:  8 ohms

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  0.5% at 1 W (1kHz)

Output power:  7 watts per channel

Frequency response:  20Hz - 20kHz (~1dB)

Input sensitivity:  850 mV

Dimensions:  13.5" wide x 10" deep (not including knob and connectors) x 9" high with tubes

Measurements are estimates due to methods and test equipment and variance in tubes and other components.

No one else understands, but that's cool. Go ahead and treat yourself.


Customer from Washington


Great sounding amp. The kit was complete and well thought out out. Instructions were clear and easy to follow.  The information on how a tube amp works is added value, easy to understand,  well written.

Customer from Georgia


First, if you are fortunate to build Perry's AE 1 amp, you will be rewarded with remarkable sound quality. Enjoy the build, take your time its alot of fun. What I like is at the end, you have an audiophile amp that captures the tone and texture of musical instruments. And will play loud in my setting. A 13x19 living room. Great dynamics, comes alive with vocals. I believe you have to use speakers at least 90 db. Mine are full range Madisound BK 16's, Its magical what the pairing can do. I like a full range speaker without a crossover. the design and parts are top notch. It really is a very cool looking amp. I will say too, communication is great. He responds quickly to your questions. And instructions are easy to follow with alot of pictures.

Customer from California


Eight months now since finishing the AE1 Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit and the sound just keeps getting sweeter & sweeter, I would recommend trying some "Tube rolling" as I did when I bought a set of matched Groove Tubes GT-EL34M Mullard Power Tubes - Medium Duet & Groove Tubes GT-12AT7 Preamp Tube which just made this already incredible sounding amplifier even better. It's been many years since I could really enjoy the true analog sound that was meant to be heard in album recordings and never have enjoyed such near perfect reproduction until now with the AE1 Stereo Tube Amplifier.

Customer from Massachusetts


For the inquiring music listener, this is a triple win.  

First, if you wish to put in the time, you will absolutely begin to understand exactly how an amplifier performs the magic that it does.  This is better than a circuit theory class!

Second, if you like the time and effort involved in carefully crafting something lovely, putting this amp together is a complete pleasure.  And the instructions are superb, with Perry having anticipated an astonishing number of questions that the beginner might have about nuances of assembly.

Third?  Why, the sound, of course.  I was stunned by how good this amp sounds.  Clean, smooth and surprisingly punchy.  I personally think this thing compares well to my 80 wpc Kenwood in  terms of sound quality.  And don't let the 6 wpc rating deter you.  With reasonably efficient speakers this amp is capable of delivering very good volume.  The music just seems to pop.

Five stars, and highly recommended (if this sounds like your kind of thing.)  I can honestly say I'm sorry the assembly journey is over, but listening to the amp, knowing where and how the signal is being amplified, and reveling in the quality of the tube sound has really changed my musical listening for the better.

Customer from California


The AE1 Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit has been one of my best DIY experiences since I first learned to solder. The assembly manual is very well laid out with plenty of tips, photos, tube amplifier theory so you'll lean how it all works and AnalogEthos was very helpful with any questions I had along the way. This wasn't just a whole new DIY challenge but also a vast learning experience and once the AE1 was completed it gave me a great deal of satisfaction knowing I had built this incredible sounding tube amplifier with my own hands. It will be something you'll not only enjoy building but will enjoy listening to for many years.

Customer from California


Very easy to follow the excellent build instructions.  A great discussion of how an amp works is provided in the kit manual. Does not require any advanced electronics knowledge.

Customer from Ohio


Easy to understand (for the layman) guide but also provides more detailed information about tube amps in general.All in all, makes for as much (or little knowledge) as the end user wants to extract. Either way I was very pleased with the results.

All components are included. All you need are some basic tools, including a soldering iron, and some time to enjoy building it!

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