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Analog Ethos Magazine
Because flipping pages is pretty dang analog

Remember how great it was to have a favorite magazine? It would arrive in your mailbox once in a while and that was like the best day ever. You'd carry that thing around with you and flip through in your spare time. Cool pictures. Articles about stuff you like. You can collect them. Look at old issues or the latest one. Learn new things or maybe dream about something. It was one aspect of your identity to be a member of a community of people who all shared an interest.

Today we have some awesome new ways of finding stuff online. It's great--search, browse, bookmark. Lots of it is free. Find it on your phone anytime you want. Loaded with videos and interactive formats, social media never-ending streams of content that you may (or may not!) want to look at.


That's all cool. But Analog Ethos is, well, about analog. The physical world. It's about making things. Listening to things. Using your hands to craft something or use some classic technology even if it can't fit in your pocket or be downloaded to your latest micro-device. 

So here's the idea. I'm thinking about starting a magazine. I have some cool ideas. It will take some time and effort. I'm not trying to make this a big money-making endeavor, but it does need to at least have a reasonable chance of business viability. And I have a feeling there may be some others out there who would go for this kind of thing.

So I'm starting to gather some indicators of interest before I really put it together. It will help me know if there's something here to pursue. And then when I'm ready, I'll have your contact info to announce it. Sound cool? Click below.

Perry Board

Founder, Analog Ethos

Wait list. No commitment needed.

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