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Spring updates!

If you've browsed before, you'll notice I've updated my website and some products. I had mentioned previously I was preparing a new 6L6GC amp and I'm happy to have that now available for purchase. It is a fully-assembled amp only, I'm not offering it as a kit at this time. I'm calling it the Requiem. It's around 20W per channel and fits the need for higher powered output by using a push-pull design. It really has outstanding performance with extremely low harmonic distortion, and it has three line level inputs with a selector switch. Plus, who doesn't love to look at all those shiny tubes, am I right?

I've also reconfigured my website a bit and update some prices. I've spent a fair amount of my effort in the past few years making several kits available and I keep finding people who want fully assembled amps, so I'm trying to make the website better reflect this, while I'm not at all moving away from high focus on the DIY community. (Also a reason why the new Requiem is not a kit!)

You will also see some, but not all of my prices have gone up reflecting continued rising supplier costs and general inflation. I had posted previously about tubes and the fact that a large portion of the world's new production of vacuum tubes is from a manufacturing facility in Russia with a US owner. As you can imagine, this has created disruption, shortage, rising prices of tubes, and a lot of uncertainty. I have some stock on hand of various brands, and hope for industry stabilization and ability to continue to offer all my products. (More though, I hope for peace in Ukraine and an end to the war that is so destructive--far more important than for us to have our exotic amplifiers.)

I believe my amplifiers are still a really high value, and many who buy them express to me this concept that my prices are extremely reasonable given the unique nature of the product, hand-crafted work, costs of the components and comparable product offerings that are still of significantly higher price than mine. Yes, you can buy a cheap tube amplifier (or worse, one of the "hybrid" amplifiers that isn't really a tube amplifier) from overseas manufacturers using the lowest quality components. But you get what you pay for, and I'm not interested in competing to have the cheapest prices. And I don't think that's what you're looking for if you follow my work!

Finally, I have a page I'm calling "Select Series" which I'm excited about. I really just love making one-of-a-kind products, some rather unusual in visual design. But it's art to me, and it's how I really want to spend a good bit of my time. That said, I rarely get the time for it given other priorities! So I'll be honest and say that page will probably take at least a few months to put some more content and explain it better. I have a few really great custom amp ideas and want to also start offering more custom services later this year.

Until next time! Happy Spring.

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