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Good Vibrations from a new amp!

What's cooler than a new amp for a hot summer?

Last year I got distracted by the idea of the classic Dynaco ST-35. Do you know this amp? It was great--small, but mighty! Loved to this day, if you can find one in good condition or restored. They were really great little amps, with high quality output transformers, a compact layout, and you can't go wrong with a set of EL84 tubes.

It was introduced in 1963, the same year the Beach Boys released Surfin' USA. And man, I just thought, yeah... the beach, California, surf culture, that classic 1960s era of tube amplifiers. And I said, I'm going to make a really fun made-in-the-USA amp! My own interpretation of the ST-35 with a fun look, updated circuit and modern components. Perfect for putting on some songs and slicing a watermelon with your friends. Drop this guy in the back of the station wagon and take it to the beach house for the weekend.

light version Pacific 63 amp

As a push-pull amp, it's 15 watts per channel from the pair of EL84s on each side (I said no thanks to some of the trickery the original ST-35 used with positive feedback to eek out a little extra gain) And it uses the unique 12DW7 driver tube, which is really a 12AX7 on one half, and a 12AU7 on the other. Two tubes in one? Yeah, Bob's your uncle, gain stage and phase inverter! I put two inputs on the amp, and it can switch between 4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs for flexibility.

You can see I've done it in two visual styles... cause you know, some people are surf's up in the morning and others may just want to come out for the night life.

I'll share more later when I put together the full page and start offering the amp--I'm calling it the Pacific 63. I do plan to offer this as both fully assembled and as a kit when I have a chance to put together the instruction manual.

Let me know what you think! (And don't worry, I still have some other plans coming for a preamp, phono stage, and other amps. It's just, like, you know--when you get an idea in your head, you gotta let it ride. Always more fun stuff to do.)

I hope you're having a fine summer. You are relaxing, yes? Drinking a delicious Orange Crush, maybe listening to a really good album? See you later.

dark version Pacific 63 amp

pair of tube amplifiers

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3 comentarios

7 days ago

Groovy looking amp! Building my AE1 was probably the peak good memory I have from covid. If this is within my budget, count me in on the new kit! 15 amps would totally kick!

Me gusta

Love the design! Bet it sounds great too!

Me gusta


Me gusta
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