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More amps for 2022? Heck yes.

Here's a preview of a sweet push-pull 6L6GC amp that I did as a custom build recently, and I'm working on making this available for regular purchase. I'll put up a full page on this amp pretty soon, but in the meantime here's a brief scoop.

For higher output power, you just have to go to a push-pull design. Single-ended amps are awesome--typically using one tube per output channel--but they are just not high power. Some folks like to listen a little louder, and that's cool, right? And also some amazing speakers are out there that are just not highly efficient and need a little more power to drive them. So this amp can do somewhere around 20W per channel. I'm still tweaking the final design. In a push-pull circuit, two tubes work as a pair--buddies, if you will--but in opposite phase working on either side of the input signal to amplify it.

This amplifier has incredibly low THD, somewhere around 0.1% for most of the power output range. And with the higher output power, you can really fill your room with high-fidelity sound. Amazing sound. I'm also setting it up with multiple source inputs. I just might have to put this in my own living room. And in fact, I have a really special version I'm working on that is going to be cool. Can't wait to share it!

I am planning this as a fully assembled amp only, not a kit. It is just a bit more advanced in the build steps necessary, and my kits are intended to get people into tube audio but not always ideal for more complex circuits. I'm also trying to broaden my general lineup and offer more to people looking for finished amps, and custom amps.

More to come! Take care. Be well.

Cold weekend in Malvern, PA! Here's a fox from my backyard!

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5 comentarios

01 abr 2023

Very sweet looking amp. But, having built my own AE1, I just can't imagine listening to an AE amp I didn't build myself

Thanks for that Perry. One of the best projects I ever took on!

Me gusta

Very cool! Would you consider offering a headphone amplifier at some point?

Me gusta
Contestando a

This is wonderful news :)!

Me gusta

Looking forward to the new offering!

Me gusta
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