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AE1-C Available Again

Just a quick post to let folks know that I am making the AE1-C model available again, with one modification. I had previously been using Transcendar brand output transformers. I always thought these performed really well and came in just the right size for this amp. But unfortunately, Transcendar has discontinued operations which is why I've been out of stock of this for most of this year.

I have experimented with a few other options, but I keep coming back to USA-made EdCor output transformers that are really high quality and not ridiculously expensive (although EdCor has increased prices substantially in the past year probably due to supply issues and inflation everyone is facing).

So I'm happy to offer the AE1-C again with all of the other upgrades, but using the same EdCor transformers that I have found to be consistent, reliable, great performers. You can view the updated AE1-C page and it is again available in the online Shop page.

While I have had to increase some of my prices in the past year as my supply costs have gone up, the EdCors are still a bit lower cost than what the Transcendars had been, so I'm happy to be able to actually lower the price of the AE1-C just a bit. You all know, I'm not in this business to make big profits. I do it for fun and love and I want you to have great sound, great design and not put the prices at crazy levels like so much of the hifi audio industry does.

As a side note, I will probably be offering at least one "special edition" AE1-C in the next few months, as I have been testing another type of transformer just for a one-off model and using some KT-77 tubes. Fully assembled, not a kit. Always gotta keep trying new things! I just wish I had more time. :)

Take care and happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I have a bunch of friends coming over who have not yet seen or heard my sweet, sweet AE1. That will be a fun demo!

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