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An Unexpected Journey

After a long gap in my blog posts, I hope to start sharing a bit more. For today, here's a look at a very special amp I recently completed as part of my Select Series. It's a Legendarium but with some modifications to have two inputs and a very special custom design with modified base and finish. I used some wonderful figured maple with green and black dye and gloss lacquer finish, sort of taking a page out of the luthier book of custom guitars, with a cherry wood base. To top it off, a full set of beautiful NOS tubes--RCA Black Plate 2A3s and 5U4GB rectifier, and some Ratheon 6072a tubes.

My original naming of the Legendarium came from a term used to describe a literary collection of legends, often used with JRR Tolkien's work, which I have always loved. I used this name because the 2A3 directly heated triode is sort of a legendary tube with a wonderful and long history and this type of amp is something known by generations before us that I'm carrying forward. And I used this green color, thinking a bit about a fantasy world like The Shire of the hobbits, or other parts of Middle Earth that might be green and natural with centuries of life and stories we may or may not know.

The owner is enjoying it now, and I hope you'll enjoy the story and pictures! Happy Summer.

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Wow, beautiful amp. I need to buy another 2a3 amp, sold one years ago and have always regretted it!


What a wonderful little green gem. After a month of working on her ”chops”, this beauty keeps getting better, stronger, more revealing everyday. It’s my own “Shahrazād, singing a new enchanting tale at every opportunity..

BlackBess aka Ralph K


Jul 03, 2023

Dig that maple!

Changing over to all NOS RCAs changed the dynamics of my Legendarium for the better!

I also upgraded to Duelund silver/copper coupling caps and changed out the Alps pot for a TKD.

Sounding great!


Beautiful amp. I’ll bet it sounds fantastic. How many watts does it put out? Do you know what speakers he is using?

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