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What would a musician think?

Just thought I'd share a nice note I received from someone who purchased my AE1 amplifier as a kit and followed up to share this:


Hi Perry, Thought you might like this feedback. A friend of mine is a professional jazz musician in NYC, and he was up for a visit this weekend. He was absolutely stunned by the sound coming out of my AE-1, mated with a pair of KEF’s, claiming it was some of the cleanest, richest amplification he had ever heard. We listened to everything from Beethoven and Mahler to Bill Frisell and Miles to Zappa and King Crimson (! ? !), and he was just amazed by the sound quality of each and every recording. I wasn’t sure if my subjective opinion was biased by the fact that I built the amp. Apparently not. Because this guy knows his sound. Hope all is well. JT


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Curious as to which KEF speakers were used, they can cost over $2000

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